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Transportation & Parking

Shuttle Information: To the Wedding

We will have three mini coaches providing transportation to and from the wedding. Below is a list of the pickup locations and times. Please arrive at least five minutes before the scheduled pickup time. The drivers have been instructed to depart promptly at the time listed below.

Of course, walking, or taking an Uber or taxi are great options too!

Mini Coach # 67766
4:20pm PICK UP @ 739 Main St, Chatham, MA
4:25pm PICK UP @ Chatham Wayside Inn, 512 Main St, Chatham
4:30pm PICK UP @ Chatham Inn at 359 Main, 359 Main St, Chatham
4:40pm PICK UP @ 23 Wilkey Way, Chatham, MA

Mini Coach # 67767
4:15pm PICK UP @ 40 Florence Dr, South Chatham
4:20pm PICK UP @ 49 Monomoit Ln, Chatham
4:25pm PICK UP @ 60 Youngs Rd, Chatham
4:35pm PICK UP @ Chatham Highlander, 946 Main St, Chatham

Mini Coach # 67768
4:00pm PICK UP @ 58 Blue Heron Landing, Harwich
4:10pm PICK UP @ Pleasant Bay Village Resort, 1191 Orleans Rd
4:20pm PICK UP @ 30 Far End Way, North Chatham
4:25pm PICK UP @ 53 Racoon Run, North Chatham
4:35pm PICK UP @ 51 Field St, Chatham

Chatham Bars Inn Guests
Chatham Bars Inn will provide a complimentary ride to guests of the resort. Please speak with the bellman to arrange your transportation

Shuttle Information: From the Wedding

Each shuttle will reverse the route that it took to the wedding and return to each of the pickup locations listed above. Please remember to take the same mini coach # that you took to the wedding.

If you want to go home from the wedding:
8:00 – 11:00pm Shuttles depart on the hour, every hour (8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 11pm).

If you want to go to the afterparty:
11:00pm Shuttle to Afterparty at Bluefins Sushi & Sake Bar, 513 Main St, Chatham, MA

Going home from the afterparty:
12am and 1am. Shuttles will depart from Bluefins at both 12am and 1am and return to the pickup locations listed above. Remember to take the same mini coach # that you took to the wedding.

Uber is also a good option for returning home.


Please please please don't drink and drive.

For those of you who are driving to the venue we recommend parking at the public parking spaces next to the venue. These parking spaces are on the beachside, directly across from the lighthouse.

While parking in these spaces is usually restricted to less than 30min, our venue has told us that given the time of the year and hour, that it will not be a problem for you to park here for the entirety of our event.

Please note that these are public spaces and cannot be reserved. Since this can be a popular parking space for visitors who want to visit the beach or watch a sunset, we recommend giving yourself sufficient time.

Note that the parking spaces at the venue are very limited and will be used by the wedding vendors.

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